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RICQLES Mint Alcohol, unique and authentic since 1838

Henri de Ricqlès, the young Dutch wholesaler, arrived in Lyon in 1824. With a passion for botany, he was particularly interested in peppermint – a plant which he believed possessed incredible properties. Through study and experiments, he obtained an exceptional essential oil in 1838 as a result of distilling fresh mint.
“Mint alcohol was born”.

RICQLES: The peppermint essential oil specialist.

The small quantity of essential oil contained in fresh Peppermint (Mentha piperita) leaves possesses refreshing properties. The Ricqlès technique is due to the unique way in which this precious essential oil is extracted using a secret process that has remained unchanged since 1838. This is the tried and tested method that makes Ricqlès essential oil of peppermint so unique.

RICQLES: Your closest ally for fresh breath

The two angels’ trademark guarantees fresh breath everyday thanks to the essential oil of peppermint contained in its products. Read on to quickly discover all the products in the Ricqlès range: Ricqlès mint alcohol, fresh breath capsules, chewing g